05.02.2014: The German-Israel Medical Devices Annual Forum

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The German-Israel Medical Devices Annual Forum

Treffen Sie am 05. Februar 2014 innovative israelische Firmen und Start-Ups der Medizinbranche, um Allianzen, Partnerschaften und Vertriebsaktivitäten in Deutschland und Europa zu besprechen.

Ziel ist es, deutschen Firmen einzigartige israelische Lösungen vorzustellen, die diese in den deutschen und europäischen Markt einführen können.

NGN-Europe SE und MIW (Marketing Innovation Worldwide) laden Sie ein, die führenden Köpfe persönlich kennenzulernen. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren und diskutieren Sie spannende Business-Modelle und Win-Win-Strategien.

Erste Session:
13:00-13:15: Begrüßung
13:15-13:45: kurze Vorstellung der israelischen Firmen
13:45-14:00: Kaffeepause
14:00-15:45: Face-to-Face-Gespräche
Zweite Session:
16:00-16:15: Begrüßung
16:15-16:45: kurze Vorstellung der israelischen Firmen
16:45-17:00: Kaffeepause
17:00-20:00: Face-to-Face-Gespräche
20:00-21:00: Come together

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Zur Informationsseite unseres israelischen Partners geht es hier.

Die israelischen Teilnehmer:

Silber-Sponsor HDH MEDICAL (
HDH Medical Ltd. is bringing to market an innovative product line of B.Y.Fix vascular anastomotic devices, with their specialized delivery instruments, providing suture-less anastomosis of large blood vessels for laparoscopic and open surgery. This is a significant improvement of the existing range of surgical treatment options for aortic aneurysms, arterial occlusions and traumas.

B.Y.Fix technology enables for the first time, a cheaper, less complicated and more flexible, minimally invasive (fully laparoscopic) alternative, which is applicable to a wider selection of patients, with significant medical and economic benefits over existing surgical techniques.

HDH Medical holds ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008 and CAN/CSA ISO 13485:2003 certification and its products are CE Marked for open and laparoscopic procedures.

Advanced Minimally Invasive Products
Description: Allium Medical Solutions Ltd., a publicly traded company (TASE: ALMD) develops, manufactures and markets minimally invasive products operating in 3 different segments:
Allium® Site Specific Stents: Long term, fully covered, expandable and retrievable metal stents. The Allium stents are anatomically and functionally compatible to specific organs for the treatment of obstructions in the urinary and GI tracts. The guiding concept in the stent design is that every stent will adapt to the individual characteristics of the treated organ. Based on this unique concept, Allium offers physicians and patients more effective stenting solutions for significantly enhancing clinical results and patients’ quality of life.
The EndoFast® Reliant system – Soft Tissue Fixation Technology: The EndoFast core technology is the unique Spider Fastener for soft tissue fixation of mesh to any soft tissue. The product is used for repair of pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. The EndoFast clinical benefits include high pull-out force, shallow penetration and retrievability which enable optimal mesh fixation.
The Gardia WIRION®:WIRION is a CE approved, with wide intended use in any cardio-vascular intervention, unique distal Embolic Protection Device for use in stenting procedures. It is the only system that allows the physician to use any guide-wire of choice throughout the entire procedure, cross challenging anatomies with confidence, and lock the filter anywhere along the wire. The WIRION is compatible with standard interventional architecture and provides the physician maximum freedom to operate.

AB Dental (
AB Dental is a leading international company specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of Dental implants and oral rehabilitation solutions thus providing a wide range of implants and rehabilitation units to satisfy all clinical needs.

Brainsway Ltd. is dedicated to developing and providing advanced technology solutions for treatment of a variety of brain disorders. The unique technology is based on patents registered by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and by the company. Brainsway has an exclusive license from the NIH for the patent and technology.

The company’s technology has already been applied in thousands of cases worldwide in the framework of clinical studies. It has also been enthusiastically embraced by leading research institutions worldwide, with over 60 clinical trials performed. Brainsway technology is also optimized for research, including an integrated Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled system to aid clinical studies.

CARBOFIX Orthopedics Ltd., is a fast growing company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing implants made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer, as well as expandable implant technology. The Company’s portfolio includes a full line of plates and nails, made out of composite material for treatment of long bone fractures. The system is made out of carbon fiber reinforced polymer. This material is being used for over 20 years in spine implants. These are the first trauma implants made out of this material, CE marked & FDA cleared. The main features:
•Radiolucent-provides better follow-up in X-ray, or CT
•MRI compatible and minimal artifacts, which enables better monitoring for example in pathological cases
•Advantageous in radiotherapy
•It has a higher bending strength then titanium and it has improved fatigue properties compared to metals
•Improved Modulus of Elasticity, closer to bone The CarboFix products being used in leading medical centers in the USA, Europe and Asia.

EarlySense has introduced an innovative continuous patient monitoring solution designed to enhance patient safety and reduce risk for general care patients. Founded in 2004, EarlySense is a dynamic, rapidly growing company focused on next generation patient monitoring systems for hospitals, healthcare systems, integrated delivery networks and rehabilitation centers.
Without ever touching the patient, the EarlySense System provides continuous patient monitoring for Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Motion, to potentially allow the clinical team to manage:
EarlySense’s real-time delivery of actionable data, together with patient management tools, empower the clinical staff to identify potentially critical situations early, before they become high risk.
The system has been developed specifically for medical surgical, general care patients who are usually monitored by nurses once every four to six hours. In the event of a change in a patient’s status, the system notifies nurses at the central nursing station, on large screens in prominent locations and on personal handheld devices.
The EarlySense System is a fully integrated patient monitoring supervision platform that provides continuous vital sign and motion information for general care patients.
The Central Display Station (CDS) at the nurses’ station helps on duty nurses to continuously supervise the status of the patients in the department wherever the clinical staff may be.
What Differentiates Our Patient Monitoring Platform
The EarlySense System allows the fastest way to the patient, thereby may facilitate more timely intervention by the clinician and serve the goal of early detection of patient deterioration, fall prevention and pressure ulcers prevention in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

IceCure Medical develops and markets minimally invasive cryoablation therapies for women’s health. Our proprietary IceSense3™ system (FDA and CE Approved) provides a minimally invasive, in-office definitive treatment for symptomatic breast fibroadenoma (a benign breast tumor) and the same device is currently being used in several clinical studies for the treatment of small breast cancer tumors. The IceSense3™ procedure is an attractive alternative to the current standard treatment of open surgical excision. The IceSense3™ procedure uses ultrasound imaging to guide a small probe (thin hollow needle) into the fibroadenoma. The system then uses extremely cold temperatures to destroy (ablate) the targeted fibroadenoma in situ. The IceSense3™ cryoablation procedure is a safe and effective treatment option that has the following characteristics:
– Performed by one physician – An office procedure – Local anesthesia – Can be completed in 5-15 minutes – No pain – No scar, superior cosmetic results – Short recovery time – Promising treatment for small breast cancer tumors (under clinical studies)
IceCure Medical Ltd. Is an Israeli company that markets and sells its products through its U.S subsidiary IceCure Medical, Inc. having its office in Cleveland, Ohio. Among our clients are breast centers in reputable institutions such as Cleveland Clinic, University of Arizona, Karmanos cancer center, Eizenhauer hospital as well as private clinics operated by breast surgeons and radiologists.
IceCure sells the IceSense3™ system in the U.S since mid-2011 for the treatment of benign breast tumors under CPT code 19105 and with support of the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS). Recently, clinical results from a study of treatment of small breast cancer tumors were published, showing no cancer recurrence after follow-up period of up to 6 years. In 2014, IceCure intends to penetrate new markets in Europe, Asia and South America.

ITGI Medical is an Israeli bio-medical engineering company specializing in research and development, design, manufacture and distribution of high quality biocompatible covered stents for Cardiovascular and Neurovascular interventions. The company has a diverse and highly skilled distribution network, generating recurrent sales worldwide, concentrated mostly in Europe, Latin America and Asian markets. ITGI has proprietary patents, techniques and devices to cover stents with heterologous tissue. Our goal is to provide the medical community with “the best service for the best product” to accomplish our philosophy to “help people heal people”.
Our proprietary technology and knowledge in working with heterologous tissue is propelling our growth. We’re focusing on current technologies and applications that improve the standard of care for patients around the world in the fields of interventional Cardiology and Interventional Neuro-Radiology for the application in Coronary and neurological aneurysms, treatment of Fistulas, Saphenous Vein Graft occlusion (SVG Disease) and vascular perforations. The pericardium covered stent developed by ITGI is a unique biocompatible stent that provides an immediate blood vessel reconstruction in a one-step procedure. It has been engineered to allow easy, convenient navigation and deployment, with a flexible delivery system that allows tracking through tortuous blood vessels. The marketing of Aneugraft® Dx commenced in 2011 in Europe after receiving CE approval. The marketing of Aneugraft® Nx commenced in 2012 in Europe after receiving CE approval.

LifeBEAM Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli company aimed to bring the health monitoring industry to new heights. At LifeBEAM, we have developed an innovative system that, continuously and remotely, measures physiological and bodily parameters for a variety of applications.

The LifeBEAM team brings leading expertise, coupled with tireless research in translating state-of-the-art signal processing methods to monitor users’ dynamic movements. No matter your physical activity, whether it’s flying, running, biking or whatever, LifeBEAM provides you with reliable and beneficial applications for all your needs.

The company’s core expertise is based on an advanced system, developed for the Aerospace domain, which marries the high-end applications with consumer-oriented products. In order to better enhance and develop LifeBEAM products, we focus on the integration of both synergetic and unique sensor solutions. The development of a multi-parametric algorithmic approach, has enabled us to create a ground-breaking procedure of tracking valuable physiological information without interfering with the subject’s activity routine.

Medical Compression Systems (
Medical Compression Systems (MCS) is a leader in innovative, non-invasive solutions for the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE). The company is the first and currently the only to offer the healthcare market a new class of proven Continuous Enhanced Circulation Therapy in combination with MCS’s patented Synchronized Flow Technology (C.E.C.T.® + S.F.T.) devices, which can minimize the need for pharmaceutical therapy as the current standard of care. ActiveCare®+S.F.T. t is the only non-pharmaceutical, mechanical solution that provides effective prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) / Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) for in and out of hospital patient settings. ActiveCare® is also recommended by American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (ACCP) as the only standalone therapy without the need of drugs for DVT/PE prevention after Total Joint Replacement for the whole duration of treatment from hospital to home.

Cancer risk from CT radiation has become a major health concern for the medical community as well as the general public. Guidelines, regulations and solutions are emerging that limit radiation doses in CT studies.

To address the radiation risk associated with existing CT scanners, Medic Vision®, an Israel-based company specializing in turnkey solutions dedicated to the enhancement of diagnostic imaging, has developed the SafeCT,® a universal product that enables up to 80% reduction in the ionizing radiation dose emitted from conventional CT scanners without compromising image quality or diagnostic confidence.

MediTouch Ltd. manufactures innovative physical therapy solutions for hospital, primary and home care use. The products utilize wearable motion capture devices and dedicated rehabilitation software. The MediTouch physical therapy solutions allow patients with upper and/or lower extremity movement dysfunction to practice intensive virtual functional task training of single and multi joints. In this way our systems implement impairment oriented training (IOT) with augmented motion feedback to give a tailored arm or leg exercise physical therapy program that allows the patient to achieve better functional recovery.

The Medi-tate solution offers patients relief from BPH symptoms, fast. Currently available in Europe, the device is placed in the prostatic urethra for only 5-days. While in place, it pushes obstructive tissue to the side and the prostate is reshaped to create a long-terms therapeutic effect.

The device can be deployed in any clinical setting that has standard rigid cystoscopy equipment. The deployment procedure is intuitive and does not require a post-procedure catheter. Once the device is deployed, the patient is free to return to normal activities immediately.

TIND remains in position for 5 days. When deployed in the prostatic urethra, the device clears obstructive tissue by exerting pressure on prostate tissue from the inside, clearing the urethral path and enabling improved urination immediately following the procedure. The long-term effect is achieved by the reshaping of the prostate: channels are formed that permanently expand the cross-sectional area along the entire prostatic urethra.

MST is developing a system that is intended to hold and control the move of the laparoscopic camera during laparoscopic procedures. It is designed to enable camera positioning with minimal interference to the surgeons work space. MST laparoscopic technology enables the surgeon to move the camera to its desired position while maintaining full control of the process by a press of a button.

In Israel, where innovation is a national mindset, IATI’s mission is to strengthen the Israeli high tech and life science industries across the whole value chain and create global, technological and innovational leadership. IATI researches, develops and advocates policies and actions that promote all of Israel’s high tech, increasing awareness of its strengths and innovations worldwide.

Orpheus Medical capitalizes on advancements made in digital broadcasting and video-on- demand (VOD) technologies, and for the first time merging them with improvements achieved in operating room technologies, providing hospitals with the only cost-effective solution on the market that helps streamline hospital processes and providing the only collaborative system that brings OR procedures anywhere and anytime within the hospital.

Orpheus Medial brings years of practical in-depth experience in the area of VOD. With years of working with broadcasters, cable operators and more, the Company developed a unique system, MedicVOD, that enables medical teams to archive, view, transmit and edit videos recorded during live medical procedures such as general surgeries, endoscopies, ultrasounds, and more.

PERFACTION™ markets nonsurgical dermal remodeling applications delivering simultaneously kinetic energy and an active compound for dermal remodeling and superior clinical results.
PerfAction Technologies, Ltd. provides technology for non-ablative skin renewal treatment. It offers Subdermal Minimal Surgery for treating dermal anatomical sites. The company serves patients with aging skin. PerfAction Technologies is based in Rehovot, Israel.
Jet Volumetric RemodelingTM – JVRTM proprietary technology simultaneously delivers kinetic energy and a healing compound causing a deep (up to 6mm) volumetric injury effect for the remodeling of the dermis. This parallel effect of a deep injury and a healing compound induces dermal neogenesis. HA molecules absorb water for rapid skin healing and result in an immediate visible improvement. Dermal healing augments collagen generation to create tighter tissue, replacing skin imperfections for long-lasting, healthy aesthetic affects.

Step of Mind Ltd is a privately owned Israeli company. It develops innovative technologies and auxiliary equipment for the medical industry. The development plan includes special technology for improving walking and other motor functions through use of the chaos and motor control theories. The initial line of products targets walking function by introducing a variable environment through non-invasive wearable systems.

Activities of SoM are in both the field of scientific research, conceptual and technical development, and in marketing. Our commitment is to provide people with the most effective care and quality of life.

To date, a number of products are in the pipeline (protected IP), covering multiple aspects of the technology and application. Step of Mind is focused in R&D on the development of portable training devices based on novel findings in the fields of motor control, learning and rehabilitation.

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